NEWS: The final program has been added to the ‘Program’ page along with links to the PDFs for all accepted papers

The basic premise of ranking algorithms is that they return the ‘best’ document first. The notion of ‘the best’ is, however, a seemingly intractable problem. Over the years numerous methods have arisen that handle this problem quite differently, including objectified relevance assessments of Cranfield, subjective user feedback of social media, and algorithmic approaches like PageRank. Typically, the considerations underlying these assessments are not exemplified to end users. In the IQIIR 2022 workshop, we are interested in exploring ways of involving users in quality assessments. Please join us for a full-day workshop to brainstorm about information quality and to take stock of different quality assessment methods and how they might involve and inform users.

The IQIIR 2022 workshop will be held on March 14, 2022, co-located with the CHIIR 2022 conference in Regensburg. Like the main conference, the IQIIR workshop will be offered in an online format with virtual participation.